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how to grow on INSTAGRAM || Make Money By Instagram Marketing

 Today we are gonna learn more deep aspects of Instagram working. You should not just start randomly, you must have a plan to execute, a content calendar to post on various days, and a strategy to target people through your content. We are going to learn more than that in this post.


1.Optimizing your Bio

· Create a username easy to remember. A shorter name will be a better option. Try to use the same username you use for other social media platforms. Usernames can include letters, numbers, periods, and underscores.

· Add your profile name, use your niche keywords in order to appear in the search results.

· Your logo or your profile picture should fit comfortably inside the Instagram profile picture area. The ideal picture size should be 180 X 180 pixels.

· You can use emoji, and some hashtags in your profile biography. You can also mention other accounts(@.......) in your bio. Instagram gave that functionality, which means it must have some significance.

· Add the info about your business goals, skills, profession, services, work model, hobbies, or interests. Goals can be like "creating an ecosystem for marketers"; skills can be like "web development, UI designer"; Profession can be like "Cybersecurity expert, CEH"; services can be like "teaching internet enthusiasts how to grow on social media", etc.

· Add a link to your website in your bio. If you don't have a website, you can use linktree, tapbio services.

2.Game of Hashtags

The maximum number of hashtags you can use per feed post is 30 and 10 for stories. Don't use all of them to avoid spammy behavior.

Make 10 sets of hashtags and use them randomly. the purpose is not to use the same group of hashtags again, it creates a spammy behavior in front of Instagram. You can even jumble up your hashtags within the group.

You can use hashtag generators to generate trending hashtags but don't always rely on them. Display purpose, tagme are such services.

Never use hashtags with high competition(>1M). Always use mid-level hashtags(300k-800k). Use bigger hashtags when you will start getting higher engagement.

You can use these hashtags both in the caption and first comment. Don't get confused with some biased information. Instagram gave that functionality to post it on both places, which means you can. The only limit is 30 hashtags. Those who love their caption to be much cleaner, put their hashtags in the first comment, otherwise in the caption.

If you use several hashtags in the story, you can add them in the text option. You can hide hashtags or mentions if you make them the same color as the background. But the data will still be there.

Make your own hashtag like #technicalsapien. Make sure that it has to be unique, easy to spell and remember and it must represent your brand. Use capitalization for easier readability. If you want to run a hashtag contest in order to get more followers or recognition to your brand or Instagram profile, you can create a unique hashtag for that purpose.

Research your competitors or influencers and find out which hashtags they are using. When you spot a trending topic or hashtag within your niche, take note of that and try them in your next post. You can follow Instagram hashtags in your niche to stay on top of new trends, or your competitors’ hashtags to see what they post.

Add hashtags to your profile biography. It will help people to know exactly what your profile is about as long as you use relevant hashtags.

You must use mixed branding, niche, category, and location-focused hashtags. Don't repeat the same group of hashtags over and over.

Using banned Instagram hashtags could shadow ban or block your account. If you want to use a new hashtag, check if it is banned before you use it.

If you want to attract international clients, followers, or audience, you should use hashtags in other languages as


Must Read These:

3.Post consistently to grow

· Post 1-2 times a day

· Try to post always at the same time

· It is important to post frequently and consistently to keep your audience engaged.

· Remember quality over quantity

· Find the best times to post

4.Learn from your Instagram stats

Post at different hours and after a week check your Instagram insights. If your audience is international, pay attention to the different time zones. Focus on the best performing post and try to create similar ones in the future.

5.Schedule your post in advance

Use Facebook creator studio(don't use any 3rd party Instagram scheduling platform). If you get into a rhythm of scheduling posts, you will gain experience and you will work far more rapidly.

6.Use Instagram stories

· Try to publish at least 3 stories a day

· Share your own content. If you share other people's content tag their account.

· Add questions, polls, quizzes to engage with people.

7.Use the 80/20 ratio

· 80% or more of your content should inform, educate, offer added value or entertain.

· 20% or less should directly promote your business or brand.

· If you only promote yourself your account will never grow.

8.Use Instagram story highlights

· Add story highlights to create different categories on your profile

· When you create a specific story, you can place it in one of them

· It is the best way to showcase your journey, testimonial, business, information

9. Microblogging

When you create a post on Instagram try to write a longer caption. Instagram loves that and your audience that really follows your content, will read it and share it. Microblog the post will usually get more attention because they provide more information.

10.Curate some of your content

· It's easier to curate content than to create it from scratch

· You can merge several posts into one

· Update an old post and provide new and update information

· Transform several posts into a video

· Remember, always add value

11.Read, Learn and test

· Read and be aware of the new updates of Instagram. Learn about the new features and enhancements

· Many of these tips can be applied to other social media platforms

· Test the new features and use them from the very first moment

We aren't done yet. In our previous post we have told you about post the blueprint for making a post and story. That's the main ingredient of getting followers. 

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