how to earn money through LINKEDIN | marketplace+ Affiliate

LinkedIn + Marketplace + Affiliate = Recurring $$$

So this method is quite tricky and needs a little work, but it can give you recurring income. Recurring incomes are the best incomes for business enhancements and for further fundings.


1. An Email

2. LinkedIn ID

3. Little Brain to Communicate

As you know SEOClerks, Fiverr, Freelancer are marketplaces from where freelancers can make money but you need a skill to make money on this platform.

Using this method you can make money without any skills just doing searches on LinkedIn & communicating with them.

Go to any of the freelancing sites & check which Gig has the potential to make a good amount of money. For Example “SEO”

Now go to LinkedIn. Search for SEO Guys who got a good amount of endorsements & have received Recommendations about their Service. Now note down their Email Address & Name you can even use a Scraper for this. Right a small & short Email for them.

Before writing you must understand that they are SEO Guys and have a good amount of knowledge on most of the Internet Stuff.

So It should be like

Hi Name,

I found you on LinkedIn. You got a good amount of Endorsement & Recommendation on LinkedIn so I am contacting you for work.


Your name

Send this mail to every SEO guy email which you scraped from LinkedIn. Now sign up as an Affiliate on any Freelancing Platform.

For Example SEOClerks. They pay 10% commission on every sale, for life. Means commission is recurring, whenever a guy who signed up from your affiliate link and takes a project you get 10% from it. After getting a reply from those SEO Guys, your next reply mail should be like this:

"I’d like to invite you to join SEOClerks, it’s a large SEO marketplace for backlinks, guest posts, social bookmarks, SEO audit, keyword research and more. It’s a good website for you to get some assistance when your SEO work is being hard. Also, you can find free SEO information in the Community discussion, clicking on Community in the top menu, and in the blog, clicking on Blog in the footer. Please click this link: (Your Affiliate URL) to visit SEOClerks, feel free to join it!"

From 100 SEO Guys, there is a chance 10-15 SEO Guys would signup & 2-3 of them would definitely start using it regularly & you get a commission for it every time.

This can be a good side income source for Newbies. So start making money now. Try experimenting with different gigs & offers to make more money.

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