Earn Money Through FACEBOOK || CPA || Marketing


It is said that this method on its efficiency can make you $20 per day. This method was quite famous for making money from adult CPAs. Although I haven't tried this method of Adult CPA, but few of my friends are frequently doing it. So I thought to introduce you to this method also, rest is on you, whether you choose this way or not. I personally don't like adult CPAs as I myself won't click on them(I prefer to make only those CPAs on which I took interest). So here is the METHOD...

Step 1: Buy/Create a female account on Facebook

Try to connect with many friends within a week to grow or you can buy one.

Step 2: Set up a fan page in the adult niche

Call your fan page in a minimal erotic way, it can be something like "girls under the sun", "the art of beauty" or something like that, I think you get my point.

Step 3: Make a simple post on your fan page

Just post a pic of a girl, what he usually does is find a pic on google and revert it horizontally. Post it on your page and include 1-2 lines of something informative or a nice quote. In the last sentence leave a CTA every 2 posts saying "Message me now!"

Step 4: Set up an autoresponder bot

Now, this is how we will convert the leads. Setup a bot on manychat.com and make sure to have at least 3 questions for every guy that will message you. Those questions can be something like:

"Thank you for messaging me"

What is your age?" 

Answers: A - 18-26 

                  B - 26-35

                  C - 35+

A/B/C -> That's nice! I hope you're having a great day today

Do you prefer bad or good girls? 

Answers: A - Good girls 

                  B - Bad girls

A -> So you're looking for an angel (angel emote) I love it 

Are you looking for a meetup or just some video chat?

Answer: A - Meetup

                B - Videochat

B -> So you're looking for a little devil (devil emote) I love it 

Are you looking for a meetup or just some video chat? 

Answer: A - Meetup 

                B - Videochat

A/B -> Let's have fun now 

Find me here: *CPA Link*

Step 5: Time to grow

Now for the traffic part, here's what you can do. You can join Facebook groups in the Adult niche (dating etc) (usually 5-10 is enough per account) and share your fan page post to each of them each day. In this way, you bring people to your fan page where they see the posts and in the end they DM you.

Step 6: Repeat step 1 to 5

When you see the first $$ coming in, I can tell you that you'll see it a few hours after you do all the steps, I know how lusty people are. Then you can repeat the whole process the next day with a new account. Now imagine that one account can bring you 5$/day (10$ was the average for him but that required too much spamming, so sticking to less spamming and 5$ is safer), now all you need to do is scale. A really simple method to make an additional income.

Good luck and I hope I helped someone.

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