How To Make A Highly Engaging Revenue Generating Telegram Community? | Earn Rs2500 Per Post



Hey FAM! In today's post, we are going to learn how to make a highly engaging telegram community, and further, we will learn how to make money from it. I have made good bucks from telegram, so I am gonna rain my experience and strategies. Let's start...

Making a Telegram Community

Of course, the first thing you need is a telegram channel, not a group. People do mistakes here. Never start a discussion group until people need it badly, otherwise, it may defame your community. Make a public channel first, choose a simple name that people can search for easily. It will help you in discovery on telegram and more and more people will join.

Integrate the bots

Telegram bots play a major role in engagement. You must have bots to automate a few pieces of stuff. Start making a bot using Whenever you need a personalized bot, you always have to start this bot. This bot will give you a template kind of bot in which you can integrate your own functions. This will give you a token. Never share that token. Now you can use to integrate Likes and Comments to your post in the channel. This will help a lot in creating engagement. There are a number of bots I have experimented with on my channel, here is the list of a few of them:
TIP: Create a separate bot for giving notifications, giveaways, announcements only. The more people will join this bot the more subscribed people you will have. And with the help of you can broadcast a message to every subscribed member simultaneously. It's similar to creating a mailing list. Remember, I have a bot on which we used to do giveaways and I also used that bot to broadcast messages. Later in this post, I will tell you the potential of these bots in making money.

The Content:

It is the foundation of every channel. What kind of content you are providing, will make you stand out of the group. I believe in providing unique stuff which none is providing. This forces people to pin your channel to the top and that's what we want - Priority. I can't write more on content, you people are very much familiar with the types of content we can provide on telegram.

TIP: Don't put big articles in your channel. People often ignore reading big.

How to grow?

Now the most important segment, how to grow on Telegram? Yeah, people can join your channel through search only if it's public. Here are a few ways to grow your channel:

Cross Promotion: Promoting your channel into someone's channel and vice versa is called cross-promotion. It is the best way to grow with active members. Promote only with "the same number of member" channel. How to promote? Now the promotion is done by creating a juicy post that will force people to join the channel anyhow. Examples of such posts are: "Dumped 1000+ Netflix accounts here", "Guys, we are shifting to this new channel", "Get educational course leaks here", "Tap here to register for Netflix giveaway"....... and a lot more juicy posts. In actuality, they don't provide this stuff, this is just an ad. I know it's an unfair thing, but that's how people are doing cross-promotions. I would prefer to make promising and juicy promotions. Make sure you have posted a lot of useful stuff before doing cross-promotion. You can use markup bots to modify your promotion text. I did a lot of cross-promotion to 10k members.

Advertisement Bots: These are a kind of bots that will promote your channel into other channels automatically for free. In return, they will also do promotion of other channels into your channels. It's similar to the cross-promotion but automated one. Even you can buy an ad from these bots and your channel will be promoted everywhere. I forgot the name of those bots as I have stopped using them. You can find them in your search. You should also stop them when your channel will grow because your channel will become more content-oriented at then.

How to make money?

We can make money from the telegram community in various ways:

Promotions: Of course promotions are a great way to make money from your community. You are getting paid on the number of members or the number of views. Make sure you accept only "your niche" promotions, otherwise people may leave the channel. Don't do more than 3 promotions in a week. I have already told a strategy to capture the market with the lowest price and best service. It always works.

Promotion through your bot: I don't know whether people are doing this or not, but I am using the bot subscribers as emailing list. This means I will also promote through my bot by doing a broadcast. Currently, I have 10k subscribers on my bot and I take Rs2500 for one post for 24hrs. This is the potential of these bots. Use them wisely.

Membership Module: I have made a separate post on this, on creating membership on telegram using invitebot. It is the best way of recurring income on telegram till now. Must check that previous post.

Advertisement Bots: As explained above, these ad bots will also do promotion in your channel(this time they won't promote your channel). Through those promotions, you earn on an hourly basis. They will take care of everything, posting the post and deleting the post. It's a popular way of earning money from telegram.
I hope this post will help you in building your community and monetizing it later.

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