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 In today's post, we are going to learn hacks of the best and most famous recurring income market. You may have heard about this market from many affiliate marketers who are making big, really big money from it. The platform is CLICKBANK. It is a privately held online marketplace for digital information products. It's not just about the affiliation of products, people are using it to sell their products with zero advertising cost. But in today's post, we are going to learn about hacks of its affiliation. It’s time for you to make some money from Clickbank and then go traveling! Let's learn how to do it:

But why CLICKBANK?: The Clickbank products generally pay out very large commissions – 50% or 75% because the vendor has no real costs to ship the digital product :)

So set up your account on Now when you are done with the account setup the first thing we have to do is find a selling product that sells itself. It's not easy to find a suitable product which sells itself, that's what we are gonna learn.

We are gonna Select with Gravity and Filters. First sort out products by gravity. Gravity measures how many unique affiliates have successfully sold the product within the last 12 weeks. If you see any product's gravity is over 100, this means that the product is selling very well and you can choose this product for the affiliate. I wouldn't recommend trying to promote a product that has very low gravity. This pretty much means that no one is buying it, I recommend you to promote the products whose gravity are more than 50.

Another way to narrow down your search is by using the Advanced search provided by Clickbank. This allows
you to filter results based on different factors:

Selecting a minimum and maximum gravity score of products.
The initial $ per sale to see the amount of money you would earn.
The average rebill total represents how much you can make from recurring payments.
Surf through other options too and choose them according to your strategy. I have told you the pillars. Now let me provide secret data of countries according to their conversion rates:

Australia - 21.6%
Switzerland - 19.8%
Norway - 19.6%
New Zealand - 17.9%
United Kingdom - 15.2%
Germany - 15.1%
Canada - 14.5%
United States - 14.2%
Ireland - 11.4%
South Africa - 10.1%
That's the secret data of Clickbank

Now the question arises...where to get promotional content for that product and where to promote these products? Don't worry, we will tell you everything.

It's important that you find something that has affiliate resources/content you can use. Before you commit yourself to promote a certain product, first go through the vendor's sales funnel. You want to get the most out of a product. And by doing this you need to know exactly what the sales funnel is. Check for upsells and pricing. Look at the sales pages and the value of the one-time offers. You can directly ask the vendor or check out the provided affiliates page. The top vendors will let all their affiliates know exactly what the product is about that helps a lot. Any vendor worth their salt will provide a JV page that includes affiliates' tools. To make your more recurring income, promote products where vendors offer this kind of support. Cool na!

Now you have the product, you have the affiliate content to promote, everything is settled, but now how to promote? Well, I am gonna provide the most common and successful ways to promote your product. We can't go in deep as each topic itself is a vast topic. We will make another post for that.

How to promote?

Through Google Adwords: With AdWords, you can promote your website’s products and services on’s search results in the “sponsored links” section. You can use a free Google coupon for your advertising when starting. You can easily get a free $100 AdWords coupon here.HERE.
A few years ago, even you made a landing page for the Clickbank product it is still useless, Google Adwords didn't approve your ads if it found that you were promoting Clickbank products. Then a lot of super affiliates started to learn cloaking to cheat google Adwords because they were making big money by promoting Clickbank products via AdWords. Now, we need to use a landing page, this type of landing page is not a usual one, it must be able to get approved by AdWords.
Here are some tips, for example, you must put the Privacy link, Terms & Conditions link, Contact Us link on your landing page, otherwise your landing page will 100% be refused!

Few people know these tips, so their landing page can't get approved by AdWords, hence can't get traffic.

Facebook Ads(biggest platform)
Instagram Ads(emerging powerfully)
Quora Answers(zero $ marketing)
Medium Articles(zero $ marketing)
Reddit forums(zero $ marketing)
Bing Ads
NOTE: You must create a landing page for the promotion. Tweak the copywriting with spicy lines and shoot it. Recurring payments ahead...

Hope you will start this method also to earn side recurring income. Best of luck!


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