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What is a websites? You all know answer for this question any time you search something on the internet Google for example you come up with many different websites every website is different from another website and they all have different domain names to distinguish between them there are many different types of website like e-commerce, blogging,tool etc. And working of the website Is depends on the type of the Website and this is the thing you have to create I will tell you more about this in this blog.

How to create a website.

By yourself

This is the question that come in your mind so for creating a website. if you want to create website from bottom to top and disign it as you wish then you need to have a knowledge about some programming language. 

The language used for website development.



so these are the language that you need to learn to become a website developer. There are some other requirements if you are to become full stack developer in full stack developer you need to have knowledge about frontend, backend and also about database, cloud and UI/UX design. 

You can learn all of this on different learning website or you can learn from youtube there are many people who have posted there own course on how to create a website you can learn from there and is you want to become professional the. You can take primium courses.


By using another ways.

You can create a website using different websites tools available there like wix in there you have give the requirements and then an AI will create a best website for you there are many different platforms like this you can find it on Google.

You can hire people to make website for you. This is another way to get yourself a website but in this you have to spend good amount to get a good website the lower you pay the less attractive website you get with less features. But if you want to earn money from that website then you website needs to have a good user interface.

How to earn money.

There are many ways By which you can earn money by creating a website some of them are.

Freelancing :- you can earn money by doing freelancing. You make website for other people and they pay you for your efforts the good website you create them more money you will get it's all depends upon how much skills you have and what kinds of website you can make.

E-commerce website :- you can make a e-commerce website for yourself and sell your services and if you have you can sell products too. if you have some kind of product that you can offer to people you can also sell digital products for this type of product you didn't have to deliver anything you just give the products digital through mails or something else.

Tools website :- this is the so far the best way to earn from a website you just have to create a tool website it can be anything you can make a SEO tool website, calculate website and many more and you get free traffic too. It is not necessary to you yourself create the tool you can buy it from someone else or there are website that sells these type of tools you just have to buy it and upload it into your website.

After creating your own Website now it's time to run ads in your website. You earn money for showing ads in your website and there are people who are earning lots from showing ads in there website. You can connect your site with Google ad service or any other websites that serve ads into your website.

This is all about how you can earn money through website creation and this is really an amazing field you an choose this gives you many job opportunities with good income and if you're an student then it's a skill that you can add in your resume.


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