Making posts for influencers/brands


This is another one of the best way to earn money. In this technique you have to make posts for influencers and brands but you have to able to create a good post or else you are not good for this job but don't worry in this post I am going to tell you all about how to make a good post for instagram because I have done it in the past and I have had a great experience with this job and it also pays good money.

 if you are able to get a brand then it's really good because they pay very large amount for just 1 single post I didn't able to get any brands but  I have worked for many big influencers and I had a great experience with that and I like to work in this field more but I don't have much time but if you are a beginner and you want to earn money and you have skills for this then this is the best opportunity for you now I am going to how you can make a good post. You can use this technique to increase your followers also.


How to make catchy post.

Sharable and save-able  

Always make a "sharable" and "save-able" content. Look, Instagram is focusing on promoting those posts which people are liking and sharing with their friends or in their stories. Those posts, which are informational and are saved by the users are highly promoted by Instagram and it makes sense. Now if these posts are promoted by Instagram in explore section, your job is to make posts as good as you can  So make sharable and save-able content.  


Use of hashtags.  

Use hashtags smartly. Don't just use hashtags because you have to put 25-30 hashtags in a post. No, say no. If Instagram has given any feature it means it has some significance. Use hashtags in different sets, use hashtags to target people via interest, place, language, gender, etc. I used to target Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore by using #mumbailife #mumbaikars #punekars #banglorediaries and many such viral but not so high hashtags. Try different language hashtags to target those people. It works like a charm.  


 Comments and DM  

Be active in your comment and DM section at least half an hour before and after posting your post. This is because Instagram will send them notification for your account, it means the impression will increase. And if you have noticed that Instagram often pushes those stories and posts at first to whom you recently talked or interacted. This is one of the best ways to increase engagement.  


 competitor's content.  

 on the same niche content or on your competitor's content. You need to comment on the post in such a way that either you provide a solution to people's problems or give them a better suggestion. Don't say them to follow you. If you really gave a satisfactory answer, they will like your comment and it will appear in the upper section and you have more chances to get followers from your niche account.   


reacting to sharing   

Another secret trick to increase engagement is "reacting to sharing". Whenever someone shares your post on their story without tagging you, you won't get any notification. But you can see who has shared your post. Just tap on the 3 dots of that post and check for reshares. Now who have shared your post in their stories, watch their stories and react to them. They will get happy that you yourself saw their story + it will start your chat on Instagram that means the interaction has been started that means whenever you post something, the post will come frequently in his feed.   



Use Ninjalytics and IGBlade tools to have an eye on your competitors or same niche accounts. Check which hashtags are they using frequently. These tools will also help you to analyze your profile growth and keep track of your posts.


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