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Well, this time we came up with another requested topic: how to make money from instagram in india.

But why Instagram?

You know it's the most rushed social media platform of now, it became the Giant of social media which includes features of Snapchat(stories), TikTok(reels), and now it's introducing more features like chat rooms, guides, shopping, etc. This means Instagram is a long-term game. So why not be a player of this long-term game.

It's the new media, it's controlled media and it's our media. People will come to you from marketing. Now let's get to the basics of making an Instagram Page. There will be many posts regarding Instagram growth and monetizations if Instagram. Let's get the most important topics first:

Find your Niche.

First, we have to select a niche(a topic on which you will post). There is a niche like Technology, Finance, Fitness, Entertainment, etc. Then there are sub-niches like cybersecurity in Technology, Stocks in Finance, Yoga in Fitness, Memes in Entertainment. Choose your Niche and then Sub-Niche. Be selective with the type of content you are going to provide.

Content planner.

After selecting niche and sub-niche, make a content planner. When you are just starting, you need to post 5 posts a week. When you will have 4k-5k followers, you will have to post 7 posts a week. So make a robust content planner. The content can be designed according to the days, holidays, and some events. We will discuss that in deep in the next posts.

Make content.

After making the content planner, we need to do the most important thing - MAKE CONTENT. Now, this is the foundation of your brand, content represents your style, your identity, your idea, and the man behind the brand. Content includes the information provided in it. Now, this content should have some flow, which means the trend or need, or demand of the consumer. What I will prefer is not to follow the trend because when you start posting the trended things you enter into the competition. Competition is not good for a brand. Monopoly is the best. So make your own trend, it will take time to convince to follow your trend but when they will start following, you will be on the top of that market. When I talk about the need/demand of a consumer, it's good but it's not the best. Your own trend is the best. It sounds weird but I am saying this from my own experience. For Example:- No one posts about tech hacks like getting things for free, cracking Spotify, making customs on PC, etc. We started this series and now the result is in front of you. We are the leading technology page of Instagram of India.

Make your design.

After making content, work on your design. Design of the feed, stories, posts, highlights, reels, and guides. The design represents your brand uniqueness, identity, and appealing factor. Being good with the design doesn't matter, it should be unique. Like in TS, our specialty is the thumbnail of the high graphic and politely designed slides. There are a lot of things to discuss in the design section like colors, fonts, typography, etc. We will discuss it in the next posts.


After the design, the last thing is engagement. Doesn't matter what content you provide, what high graphics you are using, if you don't engage with people, it's all useless. Engagement includes replying to them back, asking questions in stories, putting good CTAs, and many other little engaging things. Again it's a big topic to discuss, for now just reply to people's messages, engage them in stories.

Tools to use: Canva, Adobe, Figma for making posts; pixbay, Unsplash for free images; inshort, VN for videos; Ninjalytics for analysis.


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