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EarnKaro is an easy money-making app on which you can earn money by becoming an affiliate marketer for any online retailer listed with EARNKARO. People who want to work part-time or full-time to earn a bit extra. they can earn a good amount of money from it if you buy things on different E commerce websites than congratulations this is the best thing that you can use to earn and you can say save money many people are using this as an earning method but if you don't have large community or you didn't buy things on E commerce website as much than no problem you can also use it to save money.

 How? If  you want to buy any thing from any e-commerce website you just have to copy that products like and paste it to EARNKARO apps affiliate section and but that product using the affiliate link that provided to you by them and than you can get high percentage of that product return to you in your EARNKARO balance.

How can I earn from EARNKARO.

You don't have to do anything that is illigal you just have to buy products from different e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeals etc, but before buying that you have to use EARNKARO app for creating that product's affiliate link than you have to buy using that link and you earn money. If you want to earn thousands from this method than you can't do just like that because you didn't have unlimited money and also you are paying for that product just you are getting discount for that product as cashback in your EARNKARO but if you want to earn huge amount of money you have to create affiliate links for the products that your friends and family members want or if you have good amount of following on any social media that also you can share those Links to them if they are interested in that product than they will buy it but you will get commission on that product that is bought by your affiliate link by someone else so you can earn as much as you want without doing anything as you can see this money making method is mostly like affiliate marketing but ist really easy and you are just selling the products that everyone familiar with so it doesn't take you much time to get you first income from this.

How to start earning.

Step 1. You have to download there app from the Google Play store you go and search 'earnkaro' than download itand install it.

Step 2. Open the app and register through you facebook or by your email account.

Step 3. Find the products that you want to buy from  e-commerce platforms. The are partner with 150+ e-commerce website.

Step 4. Copy the URL(link) of that product from that e-commerce website.

Step 5. Convert URL to EarnKaro Profit Link in the Make Links section

Step 6. Buy that product from your created affiliate link or share that link to your friends, family or your followers.

Step 7. Profit gets tracked and added to your EarnKaro account within 72 hours of the transaction

Step 8. Profit gets confirmed within 60 days and you can transfer it to your bank account

Is this a SCAM.

No, it's not a scam I myself personally tried this method and it's really working I don't have much large community on social media platforms but I am earning through the products that I buy for myself or my family members and I also buy products for my friend and through that I earn money from this its not much but yeh you can try it and if it will work for you than its great or else you can use it for you own self like I explained it before buy its really an amazing way to earn money I know some people who are earning large amount of money by selling products by there affiliate link so you should try it once.

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