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create your own youtube channel | earn money from youtube


YouTube is a leading video sharing platforms which allows users to posts there own videos and other people worldwide watch that video and likes those videos and share to there friends and family.


How to Make An YouTube Channel.

For making an youtube channel you have to follow the given steps.

Step 1: create a gmail account. Go to gmail.com and create one.

Step 2: signup to YouTube.com using that gmail.

Step 3: there you can see option of my channel click on that and enter some information like channel name etc.

Step 4: your channel is created. Now start uploading videos.

How to make money through youtube.

Here you just have to post your own Created content you can choose from many different available niche whichever suits you best you can make videos on that topics and you can start earning from those videos. 

There are some youtube regulations you have to follow or else you channel can get banned some of those regulations are you cannot create content that shows hacking or cracking, no vulgar content, you cannot use any bad words, you cannot target any specific person in your video, etc. you can read about this in youtube policy for contant creation. If you follow all the steps then you don't have to be fear anything and keep making your content.

For enabling monetization in your channel According to YouTube policy a user must have 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers to enable monetization. After completing this you can request for your monetization to youtube. So you just have to complete this and then you are ready to earn.

Best niche to grow faster.

There are many people are doing youtube but not all of them are get success in this field and then they stop. Because they don't know what to create and what the audience want from them they just try everything and not stick with a perticular topic and that's where they fail so you just have to stick with one Niche and keep making video. 

Some of the best niche are following. 

Gaming- gaming is growing really rapidly and there are many new creators who get success because of Gaming and it's not really hare if you play games no matter what the game is but I suggest to create videos on the games that are currently in trend. You have to record your gameplay you can do this by any screen recording app and then edit that gameplay and upload it into your channel.

vlogging - this is an another best and profitable niche. There are many different channels that post vlogging and they have subscribers in millions and they make good amount from that. if you are a person who travel or you are doing different things daily then you can start vlogging and upload those videos on your channel.

Health and fitness - Everyone is concerned about their health, especially with the technology people have become aware of how important it is to have proper health and fitness. Many channels post content related to a healthy diet or various types of gym exercises that can be done to maintain health and fitness. If you are a gym freak or have some valuable information or tips to share related to health and fitness then you should for this genre, as it would grant you many views and earnings 

Entertainment - you can make different content like dancing videos, funny videos, singing video and many more. You just have to an idea what you want to do and then you can start doing that and there is no limit how much content you can make on this topic there is never going an end you just have to keep creating content and you can grow on youtube.

There are many more niches but these are my own suggestions and these are very profitable niches many people are getting millions of views by creating content on these niches and you can try your luck also.

What can I do if I don't have any talent or cannot able to create videos.

So for those people who don't have to show there face or who don't able to decide what to create or they lack the talent than don't disappoint I have an idea for all of you you don't need to have any talent or show your face so follow the below instructions and you are good to go.

You have to create content like satisfying videos like you can paste video which has rain sounds or sea waves sounds and many more you just have to download the sounds from orangesounds and you can find background image from pixels . Com and you have to merge the sound and image together and upload that video on YouTube. Those type of video are 2-4 hours long and people listen those sound while sleeping or whatever they want to relax so there you don't have to create any content juts some edits and you are good to go. This does not need any talent just some basic editing knowledge. There are many people who make this type of video and earn thousands of dollars so you can try in this field.


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