So the most lucrative method for Autopilot revenue is still through CPAs and PPDs. It's difficult to start in this niche but when you are set, you have to give TAX to govt. (You know what I mean. Yes, 6-fig income). CPA things are not as easy as it sounds. One needs to target the exact audience for a particular type of offer. I prefer not to waste time on surveys. Do some research and find out which countries are giving more revenue on leads. okkk?    

Chill, if you didn't understand it, let's start from the basics...


What is CPA and PPD.

CPA: It is Cost Per Action. This means you will be paid for every completed action for your leads. These actions may be surveys, app installs, number registration, etc.   

PPD: It is Pay Per Download. This means you will be paid for every download for your leads. These downloads mostly happen in content lockers.    Basic Concept: We make an offer to download or provide some content through links. People open them, complete some tasks to get that content, and you will be paid for those "Completed Tasks"    



Step 1: You have to register on a CPA website to make such offers. Basically, we need link lockers and content lockers. And for that I prefer CPAgrip. You can register on CPAgrip directly from their website.  


Step 2: Go through the dashboard, read everything. See the payment proofs and chats of people. Be familiar with the platform first.  


Step 3: Now the main part. Find the content or file (that is actually valuable, don't try to make click baits. Provide actual stuff). This may be a course, pdf file, cracked software, leaked movies, anything that you can provide to people. but this should be genuine. Put that content in a folder and make a ZIP file of it.    


Step 4: Now we have two methods to put that content. One way is to upload this content in Gdrive and get a link. Another way is to put it on the torrent and make a readable file of it and then put it in the content locker in CPAgrip. But this torrent method is quite complex and sometimes torrents ban the user. So will prefer to upload it in Gdrive and make a link locker.   


Step 5: After uploading your file into Gdrive, go to the CPAgrip dashboard and check out the option of "Monetization tools". In that, select "URL/File Lockers". Now click on "Create New URL/File Locker"    


Step 6: Copy the Gdrive link you just uploaded and paste that link in the Locked URL under the General option. You can see the preview of your offer page. You can change it accordingly. Just explore it for making the offer page more attractive. I won't do spoonfeeding of everything.


Step 7: After creating the URL locker, you can see the option Get Links. Copy that link. this LINK is the key to your autopilot revenue. You have to publicize this link as much as possible. (Don't worry, we will make a post on How to promote CPA links for free). So the more your link will be clicked the more leads you will get. The more leads you will get, the more money you will have. NOW YOUR ROLE IS TO SPREAD THAT LINK in a genuine way, don't spam people.    


TIP: Target Switzerland, Australia, UK, Austria, and the USA. India has very low payout rates. Neither makes very cheap lead offers like surveys nor costly offers like buying subscriptions. Select such offers in which user has to sign up, register their number, getting free membership for 1st month kind of offers.   


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