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Chatbot monetization | How To Make Money by Making Chatbot


What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software or computer program that simulates human conversation or "chatter" through text or voice interactions.

Users in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business environments increasingly use chatbot virtual assistants to handle simple tasks. Adding chatbot assistants reduces overhead costs, uses support staff time better and enables organizations to provide customer service during hours when live agents aren't available.


How Can I Learn?

 So if you want to learn anything you just have to make you mind first because if you started but in the middle of the course you get board and drop it than you have just wasted your time and nothing gets from it so if you really want to learn this than read this blog complete or else you can leave it hear because if you read this without any intention of doing this then it's not beneficial for any of us so let's start.


You can learn this topic from many free platforms like YouTube and many websites that provides free education but I recommend YouTube because it's best place for those who don't have money to pay for any primium course but they want to learn. Many people says that YouTube courses doesn't provide much knowledge but it's wrong I have learned may different technologies from youtube and I can say that they provide best knowledge for those who just started in any perticular field and it's free so you don't loose anything and after learning from youtube if you want to go for advance knowledge then you can buy any primium course but for this job(chatbot) the basic knowledge is enough you don't have to go Deep into this.


How to earn from this?

So this question is come into everyone's mind how can we students can earn from this technology so here is the answer for that. 

Chatbot are used in mostly every big or small companys or people who just started in digital world they don't have much money to hire people so they hire people who can make them a chatbot and they don't have to hire anyone to answer questions that are most frequently asked from them. so, if you want to earn money you can learn how to make a chatbot and how to implement it anywhere means you need to know how you can implement it in websites, application or in Telegram because if you don't know how to implement it after making it than the knowledge you have is equal to one who don't have so if you are going to learn this technology then you have to learn it 100% then you can earn.


How To Get Clients.

So after you learn everything you have to find client who can pay you for you knowledge and it's really hard part because if you are learning this just for your own interest the you can choose if you want you learn or not but if you are learning this because you have to earn and spend your money on yourself then you need to find client. 

So first you have to make account on every different freelancer platforms like upwork, freelancer.com etc. And post your job there what you can do if you search you can find there are many people who are doing the same work that you are offering but for starter you have to ask for less money because you are a beginner and after you get some jobs and you provide them with good work then they will be you permanent customer and in this job if you make a bot then it needs to be updated regularly then from that you can earn passively. So you can see how much potential this one field has and if you're a student then it's also profitable for you you can put this into your resume and it's really good if has many different types of skills in your resume. 

So guy's that's it for this blog if you like this then you can share this with you friends so they can also learn something and leave comment if you have any questions or you want to know about any other technology and if and how you can earn money from that I will try to make a blog on that so thank you guys for reading this.


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