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What is instamojo.

They are building an eCommerce platform that allows anyone to open their own online store on the platform in just a few clicks. The online store also comes with every eCommerce feature a business needs. They are the simplest, most affordable eCommerce platform in India that’s trusted by 20,00,000+ businesses.

Here you don't need any product, you don't need to promote someone else's product and still you will be able to make money depending on your skills and intelligence

Here is the procedure. has an affiliate section called reseller. Here you can resell any product. These products are of course not yours. You will be affiliating them. It's the normal way of affiliation. Don't worry, you don't have to do it.

What you have to do?

Setup your reseller section in the Instamojo account.

In reselling section, search for those products that are giving 100% commission.

Here you have to buy these products by your own affiliate link. How? Create another normal account on Instamojo. Buy those products(with 100% commission) with this new account using the affiliate link of the previous account.

Got it? What we are doing here? We are basically buying a product with our own affiliate link. In this way, we will get our money back that you spent on buying that product. Few charges(Rs 5-20) maybe get deducted as the platform commission.

Now you have the original product and legally you can resell it on the same platform. Because buying through your own affiliate link gives you permission to reselling the original product here. Cool na?

Now set up your own Instamojo store with all those products that you bought from your own affiliate link.

NOW THE MAIN PART COMES. Setup your products for reselling and set a commission(50-80% preferred).

And then comes the beauty of this platform, there are thousands of affiliate marketers working on Instamojo and reselling the products to make a commission as their profit.

Now it depends on the description and showcase of your product on Instamojo whether these affiliate marketers choose your product to promote and sell.

Note that these affiliate marketers spent money to promote the products on a higher level in the market. So if you got few affiliate marketers promoting and selling your products, you are lucky and be ready to count the cash coming to you.
Have you noticed? You haven't promoted any product. You don't even have your own product. Still, you are able to make money. This is the beauty of this method.

NOTE: Please don't spread this method. Only a few marketers know this method and are earning 20k-80k per month.
Best of Luck!


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